1 The constraints: 1) No more than
one hour. 2) No more than 20 lines.
The result ? Genius or Not.


20 December 2010

By Cassandra Moss | 2010 December 20

Int. An exam room. Wide shot. Hundreds of people sat in rows.

Int. A bedroom. Wide shot. A double bed in the corner. Blue sheets.

Int. Close-up: fast movement, an indeterminate animal rummages underneath the covers.

Int. An empty room. Wide shot. Nothing happens for a long time. A woman in a pink t-shirt walks into shot and lingers in the corner of the left side of the frame. She is talking on the phone. No sound is heard.

Int. A library. Wide shot. Faded colours of a previous decade pervade. In contrast, the pink of the woman's t-shirt is modern. She still talks on the phone. She looks guilty.

Int. Close-up: a page of small black type, only the shape of the words visible. A female voice is saying 'Let me explain' over and over. Her voice is cracked; she's inhaling tears with every breath.

Int. Exam room. Wide shot. The woman in the pink t-shirt is staring at her paper. She looks up anxiously: everyone is busy writing. She turns to look behind. Someone comes and tells her to get on with it.

Int. Exam room. POV: the room is oblique, full of objects, probably people. The walls are impossibly pushed back, so far away they could be moving further into the distance.

Int. Close-up: an animal is ripping through bed sheets and climbing over and under a body. A panic of limbs reacts. The animal is going to kill. It's grunting and snorting fluids.

Int. Bedroom. Tilt up from the feet of the bed to reveal the whole thing covered in blood.

Ext. A quiet suburban street. Wide shot from the bottom of a slight incline. A dark afternoon. A few cars drive by. It starts to rain. Someone is walking up the incline.

Int. Library. Wide shot. The woman in the pink t-shirt is sat at a desk reading a book, deep in concentration.

Ext. Quiet suburban street. Wide shot. It has stopped raining, but is still dark. A car enters the bottom of the frame and drives up the incline. It slows down and pulls over next to the person walking. They are in the distance, near the top of the frame. The door opens and there is a struggle. Eventually, the person is pulled into the car and it drives off.

Nightmares, Anxiety

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