1 The constraints: 1) No more than
one hour. 2) No more than 20 lines.
The result ? Genius or Not.


1st February 2011

By Melissa Lee-Houghton | 2011 February 01

Come over, spend a night in my mind,
I’ll make it easy, cosy,
and I’ll be supportive of your concerns.
It will be strange in here, I’ll give up
my secrets, you won’t have to reach for them,
not anymore. I’ll invite you to listen to the songs
I have been playing while thinking of you
over and again, and let you hear
what I have to say about Kierkegaard
and the Death Penalty. Also, I will show you
what I remember about when we met,
the memory still seems fresh
so you might get overwhelmed.
There is so much to garner and glean.
But don’t go to those places
where headless women whisper
and where my childhood lays low.
You may get dragged there if you listen
too hard to the darkening silence.Stay where
there’s light, and cherry blossom,
and a man in a grey suit singing your name.

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