1 The constraints: 1) No more than
one hour. 2) No more than 20 lines.
The result ? Genius or Not.


6th January 2011

By Michael Egan | 2011 January 06

You are a cheshire cat and I am flat cap on askew
no       you are the runcorn bridge and I
am the muddied sand washed against your foundations
by the mersey     or I am the railway bridge
all turrets and closed gates   running alongside you
then seperating where you end   but even that isn't right
because it's a whole country that seperates us
not just a county the BBC doesn't believe in   it is mutated
vowels and too many consonants    it is the old marches
where still you can stick an arrow in a taffy if they're stupid
enough to stand outside the cathedral holding a goose   it is waiting
at chester station and walking through fairy glen   it is the sound
of gulls mixed with the rush of wave    the burrowed holes
of razor clams    and how at one point   suddenly cresting a hill
there is a vale of land turning the world unsteady   like ariadne climbing
paris and cobb's totem eternally spinning   it is how once
I was crossing the bridge in the old nissan and you were parallel to me
in a pendolino   so that we reached south parkway at the same time
and walking home we imagined that we could make out snowdon
a beacon of grey between cloud    pointed to scarf wrapped climbers
resting   unscrewing flasks and retracing their steps up the llanberis path.

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