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1 October 2010

By Anthony Banks | 2010 October 01

01.10.10. Been working in digital media too long. Even the date's gone binary.  

So I'm having my morning coffee at the bar, and this middle-aged black guy comes in,  graying afro, snazzy little moustache. He orders a café serré, but the thing is – his lips don't move when he speaks. I do a double take. Perhaps it only appeared that way. Perhaps someone else ordered a café serré at the exact same moment this guy arrived at the bar. But the thing is, the voice I heard seemed exactly right for this guy. A low mumble with an African accent. But then the barman starts chatting back to the black guy, and he responds, and still, still his lips do not move. What's going on? Ventriloquism? Telepathy? No, that's mumbo jumbo. I pay, leave the bar and reflect. The only logical explanation I can come up with is, he has a secret mouth, somewhere.  

I've been having a recurring dream. It's a bit vulgar, but I've been having it so often I feel it deserves a mention. It's essentially a constipation dream. I've had it twice already this week, last night included. This is what happens. Although I try desperately, I cannot shit. It's a terrible sensation that seems to last for hours. What makes it worse it that my not being able to shit always prevents me from doing something really important – catching a flight, going on stage etc.  

Last night it had a development that I suppose you could call positive. After much straining, I am finally able to shit, but not through my anus. The turds come out through the soles of my feet.

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