1 The constraints: 1) No more than
one hour. 2) No more than 20 lines.
The result ? Genius or Not.


6th December 2010

By Kate Lermitte Campbell | 2010 December 06

Courageous as cat burglars we keep close to the wall. Nothing, from without. Particles of night we slip within and pushing back the curtain dart beneath the sax’s sweeping curve. Sideline you smile, I smile back and the drummer’s centre stage as your hand on my waist we spin.  

As my breath quickens I wonder who you are watching the dancer up in front rippling supple as skin. Limbo? Someone’s perhaps, a shaded world of shuffling limbs neither in nor out just back and forth like a toy boat moored in the bottomless pool of the night.   

You’re losing me my friend, for your clutch has multiplied and you’re growing heads. A thousand hands a thousand eyes religious grope and peer as I kaleidoscope, refracted by the steady waves that veil the shore.  

Be-bop. Gotta stop. Before. Before. Before – it’s too late. Cry. Baby. Cry. Your heart sweats red in my fist as she shimmies like a crab towards the oyster bed.  

If you’re him and he’s her I’ll dance with either. No more than a hipbone swinging left to right the bass lubricating each twist as the husky voice envelopes each tendon like black lace.  

Will you catch me when I fall, arms flailing, blind as an anemone beneath the whirling whirlpool as the white spray spots the black eye of the sky?  

Gold the icon glimmers beneath the ancient wreck and if we can hold our breath we’ll rise trailing a pirate flag.

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