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one hour. 2) No more than 20 lines.
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13th November 2010

By Christodoulos Makris | 2010 November 13

When I'm in airports I think about death.
Especially if I'm travelling alone.
That's predictable enough. My son
cried last night because he wanted
to come along. It's dawn
and we throw food down our throats,
build ourselves up to carry on. I yawn
and spill coffee all over the table. The gloves
are off. Boots and belt too.
It doesn't matter about your babyface, precious,
or your toned pushed-up body,
get lumped on board
along with the lot of us. We are more
than just meat. We are more than just
meat. We are more than
just meat. Plastic and steel. Machines
that miraculously stay up. If you stop to think
what might go wrong
you'll only freeze. Have faith
the inconceivable clinical snuffing out will be delayed
or cancelled.

Travel, The Body, Death, Airports

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