1 The constraints: 1) No more than
one hour. 2) No more than 20 lines.
The result ? Genius or Not.


25th October 2010

By Melissa Lee-Houghton | 2010 October 10

I was sleepy when I saw you,
my whole body was falling asleep,
walking, not running,
just stepping through air
through the warm smell of beer.
You were not surprised to see me,
you see me around all the time, I see you
diverting away from me, but tonight you stood still
and it was an enormous pleasure to me
to have you say my name.
Saturday night, the footstamping
madness of drunks,
saturating their livers for
sleeping with people they can’t love
and people they can’t care about.
You don’t pick up girls, you
place tiny bets at the bookie’s with your benefits,
then you tell tall stories at the mahogany bar
to wasted people who can barely listen.
You know I understand, and that’s
inevitably painful.

Friendship, Drunks, Anticipation

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