1 The constraints: 1) No more than
one hour. 2) No more than 20 lines.
The result ? Genius or Not.


20th October 2010

By Melissa Lee-Houghton | 2010 October 20

no sight, vision, no calm
in the books in the crying
I can’t do, and you
can’t ask. I’ll tell you nothing.
waking up to smoke alarms when
there is nothing there at all.
the man across the road
has decorated
but has no furniture and he looms
by the high window
like a character from a Hitchcock film. 
I haven’t cried
for a year I have climbed and clambered
around the rooms in my old dress,
wall to wall, closing
the windows, closing the curtains,
sleeping well, my body
slave to the optimism of friends-
I am happy.
I am glad.

Optimism, Emptiness, Sadness

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