1 The constraints: 1) No more than
one hour. 2) No more than 20 lines.
The result ? Genius or Not.


11 October 2010

By Christodoulos Makris | 2010 October 11

a full hour
empty of doings and undoings
is rare -

I consider my pace,
slow the beat in my head
so that sweat beads don't start trickling down my back

or spread to perfume my underarms -
I throw my jacket off,
breathe estuary air,

sit on the roadside with the book
of the wanderings of Sebald
open -

would it be classed as fiction (823 or simply F),
German literature (833),
European travel (914), historical geography (911), memoir (920Seb),

poetry (821 or 831) perhaps -
it has claims on philosophy too,
photography, art, history - time studies -

the air cools my body,
how many more has it cooled
in its time

Time, W. G. Sebald, Dewey decimal classification

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