1 The constraints: 1) No more than
one hour. 2) No more than 20 lines.
The result ? Genius or Not.


30th September 2010

By Melissa Lee-Houghton | 2010 September 30

At ease. I believe I love you more
than I know how to love.
Sympathise with me, I notice
you have vices you
hold your knife and fork the wrong
way round and I only noticed
a week ago. I tease
your hair, I croon. I don’t
answer the phone.
I’m not saying love is unwelcome
because it’s all I know how to want
and it’s more real
than my perception of anything
else. But sometimes
I look at you
and you’re my past and my future
but not in the moment,
just not there. Just not anywhere. And
I am in awe of your audacity
to love me, empty.

Emptiness, Virtue, Commitment

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