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30th July 2010

By Melissa Lee-Houghton | 2010 July 30

I was watching a tv show about sharks and how misunderstood they are. When I was little I would tell everyone I wanted to be a marine biologist, mostly because no-one else had thought of it and it had a fancy name, but also because I loved tv shows about misunderstood sharks. I want to see whales, because big things can’t be easily comprehended. I want to be next to a whale and so I can see how small I am, how measurable. My husband went to the top of the Empire State Building years ago, and listened to Goddess on a Hiway by Mercury Rev looking out from the top. That always impressed me. The biggest thing I’ve ever known was a cruise liner in my early twenties when I had a bit of money to spend. The only big problem was that every time I was on deck I wanted to throw myself violently into the swells, and so I had to stay away and try to breathe properly.  

It’s impossible to write. I’ve been thinking things over too much, I have been weighing things up and nothing’s on my side. Did you know that sharks can stop swimming, it’s just a myth that they can’t. Inertia will kill them eventually, but it takes time. While I was mad I offended everyone I knew. It no longer seems a good enough excuse that I was purely mad. I have a shaky reputation. The megamouth shark is so beautiful that people have to kill it to stop it going away, to show off its beauty. Of course, we have to kill all the most beautiful things. All the most beautiful things that we are most proud of. 

One woman fed a great White Shark a fish off the edge of her boat, stood with the water lapping her feet. She said if the shark had wanted to it could’ve pulled her straight into the sea and eaten her, but it had a decent personality, as all sharks have their own personality. Many sharks have their tails and fins cut off for soup and their bodies just fall to the bottom of the ocean bed and lie there, taking several days to die.

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