1 The constraints: 1) No more than
one hour. 2) No more than 20 lines.
The result ? Genius or Not.


6th August 2010

By Michael Egan | 2010 August 06

the dog pulling on its chain     pausing
by wet grass    sniffing at the shut gates
of a closed down garage    the shattered
no longer turning MOT sign     then one after another
four boys         almost identical   in their black
hot rock holed tracksuits and baltic sailor caps   pass
and agitate the dog    so he pulls harder   chokes 
makes a terrible coughing sound   then spreads his paws
won’t budge    so we wait    by the entrance to another
shut up garage   and talk about stir fried vegetables
how we should eat tofu more and miso soup   but turkey
marinated in five spice   ginger  honey  soy  garlic
and chilli sauce   is absorbing all its flavours
in the fridge  waiting    and how two bottles of wine
is not too much   the dog sniffs along a wall
he pulls us on    now growling at the fourth boy
who pausing   spits   that spit of schoolyards and football
thick green   hocked up and I say    I ‘ve never been able
to spit like that
the dog licks at the wall
a glistening hint of moisture between the bricks
we pull him on to the supermarket    and that cadillac
is still parked there   not moved since christmas   buffalo
horns fixed to the bonnet  severed   dust yellow
body of the car covered in long dead leaves
the dog jumps at the supermarket windows    at himself
as you pull on a trolley   I say beers and more soy
you push the trolley on  in   and later as the dog
licks the melted remnants of a green ice lolly
you come out with the wine    the kikkoman soy
but no beer     and the dog sniffs at your jeans
like he suspects you’ve been visiting cats.

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