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24th April 2011

By Cassandra Moss | 2011 April 24

is that her daughter she asks and there's no response because no one knows the answer and because she asks the same question about everyone and is never satisfied either way even if it is her daughter it'll make no difference and she'll forget and ask again but it's important to remember that other people the visitors don't live like this they can't appreciate that spoken utterance is voiced as reassurance that you're not alone that if you want to communicate you can and that your thoughts are still recognisable entities to others even if sometimes not to yourself and still today is moving faster than the one before that is the time between breakfast and lunch and afternoon tea measure smaller in the sensation of feeling such intervals like it's not a machine today not a process that stutters and breaks down so that you're not sure if the moment will ever end or if it's been the same always but it's your perception of it that has mangled the way it actually is and if it's only perception then you could just think yourself out of this room away from the people you speak to everyday and will continue to do so until and again she says have you noticed that there's only women here not a single man in sight and someone else points out a man asleep in the corner his nostrils turned up to the ceiling on a green chair the green similar to the colour of the carpet in your first house where you could follow the lines in between the crooked bathroom tiles as you soaked from then to now it's a blur the smell of disinfectant almost covers up the smell of old people that's what's on the expressions of visitors from then to now the feeling has got both easier and harder and you'd never mistake here for a hotel although people do realise how much time there is to fill just the same but in hotels they think about when it will be over and when it will happen again they have a structure to rely on to take them away from themselves whereas here no matter what activities are planned nothing takes you away from yourself away from time unless you're memory's gone that's a blessing perhaps that's freedom because if not it's feeling that you're alive it's feeling your own presence within yourself and knowing there is no way out of the things that occur inside they are incommunicable so you feel them more acutely every stir and snap is a solo burden that doesn't meet the movement of the things you participate in daily whether your metabolism rejects or endorses it the feeling gets easier and harder to bear she's saying the staff are good here but do they have to walk about so much they should sit they should have a rest she's asking

Old age

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